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Central Wisconsin students become savvy savers

Originally posted on stevenspointjournal.com MARSHFIELD - When 14-year-old Cassidy Kolstad wanted new soccer cleats, she thought her bedroom savings stash would cover buying the shoes. "I looked online and found out these cleats cost $350," she said. "There was no way I had that much saved." Crestfallen, the Marshfield Middle School student found a cheaper alternative for $50. Her mother, Kimberly Kolstad, helped her shop online and at local stores where the duo [...]

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Banzai! Financial literacy at the click of a mouse

Originally posted on pcgazette.com For a 13-year-old who likes sports or theater or science, financial literacy may be one of the furthest subjects from his/her mind. Now Banzai! is bringing finances to the forefront. “I didn’t know up to this point how fast the money drains down,” said Cameron Lajennesse, a seventh-grader at Ben Franklin Junior High School. “It depends on what you spend it [...]

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Teachers and financial advisers recommend teaching kids basic finance early

Originally posted at wsaw.com Being able to manage a household finance is an important skill to have as a responsible adult, but there are even adults today that have trouble knowing basic banking and investing. Sunrise 7 spoke with Sue Campbell of Central City Credit Union and Brian Bauer, Technology Teacher at John Muir Middle School as they encourage financial literacy at an early age. Campbell said she [...]

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Students learn financial literacy with Kohler Credit Union

Originally posted on sheboyganpress.com Ask an adult what they wish they understood more clearly before heading into the real world, and many will answer how to better manage household finances. A quick glance at Americans' collective debt, which totals more than $11.52 trillion, proves that there are lessons to be learned. To help improve that knowledge, Kohler Credit Union has partnered with some area middle and high [...]

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National Bank of Commerce

NBC gives students financial literacy tools Originally posted on superiortelegram.com Douglas County students are getting free education in the value of a dollar, courtesy of National Bank of Commerce.The area’s largest, locally owned bank is teaming up with Banzai, a national financial literacy program, to make the curriculum available free to schools in Douglas County. The program will be taught to students in the Maple, [...]

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WESTconsin Credit Union

River Falls school teacher stresses financial literacy Originally posted on riverfallsjournal.com “I tell my students at the beginning of all my classes that everything I teach has real-world application,” says Chris Silver. Silver is business and computer teacher at River Falls High School. In his real world, teachings students how to handle money is extremely important. Why? Because Silver sees a worrisome trend concerning young [...]

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Altra Federal Credit Union

WS seniors get schooled in finance Originally posted on lacrossetribune.com The first time West Salem High School senior Marissa Garrels played the Banzai financial literacy game, she failed, running out of money before she could pay for college. “It’s kind of like a wake-up call when you fail. I thought I was financially responsible, but then I couldn’t even pass a game,” Garrels said. Garrels [...]

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WESTconsin Credit Union

WESTconsin Credit Union makes award-winning financial Originally posted on chippewa.com Local students are getting a free education in how to manage their money. WESTconsin Credit Union is working with Banzai, a national award-winning financial literacy program, to make curriculum available to Dunn County schools completely free. “Banzai is a web-based financial literacy program. Kids get their own accounts, and they work through assignments that are [...]

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