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Interactive literacy program starting central Illinois students young, helping budget

Originally posted on   More than 60 schools throughout central Illinois are using an interactive program that’s starting students young and helping them budget called Banzai! “It prepares them for the future and the choices that they’ll have to make with their own money,” said Holly Cox, Assistant Principal at Sugar Creek Elementary School. “This is great for students, for their future, it’s great [...]

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Financial management taught at West Oso High School

Originally posted on Corpus Christi (KIII News) — Students at West Oso High School are learning how to handle their finances before stepping out into the real world thanks to a new program. The Banzai program is a free financial literacy program aimed at teaching teens how to make budgets, handle personal checking accounts, and establish credit. Members First Credit Union and First Community [...]

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A free program can help teach your kids financial responsibility

Originally posted Looking for a way to teach your kids how to make money and be responsible with it? There’s a program that could help... and it’s free! Banzai teaches kids financial literacy in an age-appropriate way. “If you start saving now, even if it’s just a little bit, but earning interest on the funds that you save, and compounding interest - the interest that [...]

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Free money management tool helps students plan for future

Originally posted on Some important financial lessons are being taught in schools in the Rochester region. They are part of a free program that teachers and students can take advantage of. It is called Banzai. The main message of this program is your money matters and you have to start thinking way ahead about what you want to do with it. “Banzai is a program [...]

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Brighton CSD uses software to teach students financial literacy

Originally posted on The Brighton Central School District is continuing a financial literacy program helping students get a head start on important life skills. Teachers in Brighton are using a free literacy program called "Banzai" to educate kids how to manage their money. Now the program is a software platform designed to introduce students to adult financial issues. It features real-life scenarios to illustrate [...]

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Financial Literacy program preparing students for adulthood

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Middle School students learning about financial responsibility

Originally posted on Some Warren County students are learning about financial responsibility at an early age. Banzai, an online program that teaches a variety of things like budgeting and how to handle credit cards, is being used by schools in Warren County. Students at both South Warren Middle School and Warren East Middle School use the program "They can start planning now for their [...]

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New program teaches financial responsibility to area youths

Originally posted on Officials with First Community Bank are sponsoring a new program aimed to teach financial responsibility to youth. The program called “Banzai” is offered at 14 schools from Corpus Christi to Victoria. Students at West Oso High School use Banzai in their Principles of Business and Finance class. The program teaches students how to use a debit or credit card and distinguish [...]

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