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Altana Federal Credit Union

Financial Education Introduced In the Classroom At Senior High School Originally posted on BILLINGS - A Senior High School teacher brings financial education to the classroom. Heide Mankin, Family Life Educator, said it's important students have a grasp on budgeting. She said once students move out on their own, they have no idea how to budget between food, gas, and cell phones. Mankin said budgeting [...]

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Missoula Federal Credit Union

Classes can help western Montana teens gain 'financial literacy' Originally posted on You just got a tax return. Do you buy a new pair of boots or do you put at least part of the money into savings? You have no cash and no savings. How do you get antibiotics for your daughter? Those are just some of the real-life scenarios posed to students [...]

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Altana Federal Credit Union

Credit Union Teaches Local Students How to Handle Money Originally posted on BILLINGS -April is Financial Youth Literacy month so representatives from Altana Federal Credit Union are teaching local students how to handle their money wisely.Spend, share and save -- Those are the basic concepts that Altana Federal Credit Union's Heidi Knudson taught Arrowhead Elementary students today. Throughout April, Knudson and others from the [...]

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