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Students flex fiscal muscles through Banzai

Originally posted on Dawn Bronson has taught the Banzai Program to her seventh- and eighth-grade students for three years at Willsboro Central School. The financial literacy program educates young people how to manage their money and is a free resource for 44 local schools thanks to the sponsorship of the Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union. “The program is excellent,” said Bronson, who teaches physical education, home, [...]

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Make Good Choices: Local students learn fiscal responsibility

Originally posted on Handling personal finances in life is somewhat like parenting; we are not born knowing how. It takes time and patience. Everyone wants more money, but handling the funds we do have at a given time requires careful consideration, impulse restraint and concrete training. April is Financial Literacy Month, and there is no time like the present. As the largest independent community bank [...]

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Learning financial lessons early

Originally posted on Financial literacy is one of those things that everyone agrees is important, which is why so many businesses, organizations, and government agencies have all tried to tackle it. Wisconsin schools are also striving to teach students the importance of saving, budgeting, and investing, but sometimes getting kids to care about the power of compound interest is an uphill battle. Enter Dane County [...]

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Claremont students take a course in financial responsibility

Originally posted on If you remember the board game “Life,” in which players moved around a board marked with financial milestones, the Banzai financial literacy program students are using at Stevens High School may seem familiar.  Sponsored by Claremont Savings Bank, the program works like a game that teaches students much of what they’ll need to know for managing their money in the real [...]

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Interactive program teaches about finance

Originally posted Andalusia High School has partnered with CCB Community Bank to bring Banzai, an interactive program that teaches students different financial concepts. “Banzai is an interactive game that students can use to practice budgeting,” AHS career preparation teacher Lauren Maynor said. “So they have different categories in their budget and they allocate money to different places. When bills come through they have to [...]

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Local schools teaching financial literacy to kids

Originally posted on Local schools have been utilizing a new financial literacy program in their classrooms, to better educate kids on how to manage money. ‘Banzai’ is a free resource available to 29 schools in Marquette County, thanks to TruNorth Federal Credit Union. The software online features real-life simulations to illustrate the concepts in a fun and meaningful way to them. From problem-solving, to [...]

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Financial management taught at West Oso High School

Originally posted on Corpus Christi (KIII News) — Students at West Oso High School are learning how to handle their finances before stepping out into the real world thanks to a new program. The Banzai program is a free financial literacy program aimed at teaching teens how to make budgets, handle personal checking accounts, and establish credit. Members First Credit Union and First Community [...]

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First Source FCU offers free financial education

Originally posted on First Source Federal Credit Union has announced they are now offering the Banzai Financial Education program to the community free of charge. The program offers interactive, age-appropriate, online learning modules for anyone elementary-aged through adulthood. You can access the program by going to and clicking the Banzai link. All you need is a valid email address to get started. Once [...]

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