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Area high school students take a crash course in life

Originally posted on Rent is due, the car’s in the shop and a big name band is in town. There is $327 in the checking account. What to do? High school students at a handful of public and private schools around the Palouse are about to jump into a brand-new world of bills, breakdowns, insurance expenses and budgeting. In short, the real world. Fortunately [...]

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Credit Union Helps Teens Learn About Finance

Originally posted on ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y.  --"We are paying for that," said Dilmore. "So those schools get to take advantage of financial literacy materials free of charge for their students." Kathy Dilmore works at First Heritage Federal Credit Union in Elmira Heights as the Vice President of Marketing, and said the bank is invested in the young people of the Southern Tier. The bank sponsors an [...]

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Banzai! Financial literacy at the click of a mouse

Originally posted on For a 13-year-old who likes sports or theater or science, financial literacy may be one of the furthest subjects from his/her mind. Now Banzai! is bringing finances to the forefront. “I didn’t know up to this point how fast the money drains down,” said Cameron Lajennesse, a seventh-grader at Ben Franklin Junior High School. “It depends on what you spend it [...]

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Online lessons help students develop sound money habits

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Money management education available at Southington High

Originally posted on SOUTHINGTON — American Eagle Financial Credit Union is working with Banzai, a national award-winning financial literacy program, to make its curriculum available to Southington High School students and other local schools. More than 600 students in eight local schools will be getting a free education on how to manage their money due to American Eagle Financial Credit Union’s sponsorship of the [...]

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Liberty students use program to face real-life financial experiences

Originally posted on LIBERTY, Ill. -- Beau Barry isn't a fan of the budgeting techniques his subject uses. "What this guy is doing is not working out," the senior at Liberty High School said. "He spends a lot of money on silly things like concert tickets and stuff, when he should probably be spending it on rent and food -- more of the necessities." [...]

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American Eagle Financial Credit Union Makes Award-Winning Financial Literacy Program Free to Local Classrooms

Originally posted on East Hartford (March 16, 2016) - Area students are getting a free education in how to manage their money. American Eagle Financial Credit Union is working with Banzai, a national, award-winning financial literacy program, to make curriculum available to over 600 students in eight local schools at no charge. Schools signed up to date are: (The Metropolitan Learning Center in Bloomfield, [...]

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Credit union helps teach students financial lessons

Originally posted on MARQUETTE — Most know the importance of being smart with your finances, but for some it's an important lesson they're learning early on. In Mrs. Koski's 8th grade class you can hear her students talking about their savings accounts, and the importance of buying insurance with smiles on their faces. It's all because of Banzai!, a free program given to the [...]

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