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First Heritage FCU

The Banzai Program for Financial Literacy Originally posted on ELMIRA--[WENY]--Over the past few years most, if not all, states have incorporated financial literacy into the education system curriculum.  With this being a recent change, teachers struggle to find the best way to give their students real life financial experience. The Banzai Program is being used here locally to help students succeed! The First Heritage [...]

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Discovery FCU

Oley Valley Middle School students learn to plan for their financial futures Originally posted on It's finally payday. With a few punches of the keys on their computers, the students inside Lori Hudson's classroom quickly divide the spoils from their first paycheck. Some will go toward gas for their cars. A chunk will go toward buying concert tickets. And a piece, of course, will [...]

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Dane County Credit Union

Student loan debt encourages kids to manage money early Originally posted on BLACK EARTH (WKOW) -- Students of the Wisconsin Heights School District are getting lessons in financial literacy to avoid defaulting on student loans in the future. Student loan delinquency has hit a record high of 11.8 percent, up from 10.9 last quarter, according to latest data from the Federal Reserve Bank of [...]

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Beacon Credit Union

Program teaches students about money in the real world Originally posted on Through Beacon Credit Union, a financial literacy program has been made available to county teachers at no charge. Called Banzai, the program teaches high school and middle school students financial concepts through real-life scenarios. It aims to provide solutions that students will need post-graduation. In the program, students are given a job, [...]

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Members First

High school students learn real life money skills Originally posted on PAYSON, Ill. (WGEM) - Schools across the tri-states are tightening their budgets each year, and that means many important classes are dropped from the curriculum. Now, thanks to help from the community kids are learning important life skills. High school is a time where many people land their first job. And, many of them [...]

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Tru North Federal Credit Union

Financial literacy software for kids Originally posted on With the school year getting underway recently, a Marquette County credit union is supporting local education, especially education about money. TruNorth Federal Credit Union has partnered with Banzai. It’s a Utah-based company that makes online financial literacy software. The software is aimed at teachers for use in their classrooms and, best of all, it’s free of [...]

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Discovery FCU

Banzai Program: an exercise in financial fitness for Kutztown students Originally posted on For Kutztown senior Katie Goodbrod, the Banzai Program made the task of balancing her checkbook a whole lot easier. The program is a web-based tool for students to learn about managing money using real life scenarios. “The hardest thing was knowing what goes where and how much to put in each [...]

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Mendo Lake Credit Union

Mendo Lake Credit Union sponsors financial literacy program Originally posted on LAKEPORT -- Mendo Lake Credit Union is now working with Banzai, a national financial literacy program, to offer curriculum to Lake and Mendocino county high schools free-of-charge. Banzai is an interactive online program supplemented by printed workbooks which aligns with state curriculum requirements for personal finance education. It presents students with real-life scenarios [...]

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