Students Learning Adult Financial Dilemmas

Originally posted on ldnews.com Whether they’re ready or not, students will be out in the real world before they know it. One major aspect of the real world is managing one’s own money by the use of a budget, while also having a bank account and knowing the ins and outs of it. But students throughout Lebanon County will now be prepared for financial challenges [...]

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Los Alamos High students working on financial literacy in elective class

Originally posted on santafenewmexican.com Tonya Collins said some of her children have made poor choices with their money. She didn’t want her teen daughter, Dori Archuleta, to fall into the same habits. So she urged Dori to sign up for Ray Henderson’s financial literacy class at Los Alamos High School. “I think it’s important for teenagers to learn how to manage their money,” Collins said. [...]

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Financial literacy program teaches students how to manage money

Originally posted on journaltimes.com RACINE — Lilie Larson, 11, has noticed a change in her spending habits lately, particularly in that she’s less inclined to spend her money on a whim. Instead, she’s been saving her money for future expenses, like souvenirs during her upcoming vacation to Florida — something she’s started since she and her classmates at St. Lucy’s School, 3035 Drexel Ave., began [...]

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Program to help students with financial literacy skills

Originally posted on wsaw.com Being able to manage your finances is an important skill to have as a responsible adult, but many people still have trouble with basic banking and investing. It's why more schools in Northcentral Wisconsin are taking a new approach to teaching financial education, through a computer based program that simulates real-world financial situations to better prepare students on how to handle [...]

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Partnership teaches students financial literacy

Video link originally posted on wlfi.com Some local students are getting a hands-on lesson in financial literacy to better prepare them for adulthood. They’re doing it thanks to the help of a local bank. Ann Morrow is introducing her seventh-grade students at Lafayette’s Central Catholic High School to a lesson they’ll eventually be using every day of their lives. “They’re learning about financial literacy. It’s [...]

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Central Wisconsin students become savvy savers

Originally posted on stevenspointjournal.com MARSHFIELD - When 14-year-old Cassidy Kolstad wanted new soccer cleats, she thought her bedroom savings stash would cover buying the shoes. "I looked online and found out these cleats cost $350," she said. "There was no way I had that much saved." Crestfallen, the Marshfield Middle School student found a cheaper alternative for $50. Her mother, Kimberly Kolstad, helped her shop online and at local stores where the duo [...]

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Students learn about financial literacy with help from software, credit union

Originally posted on westfargopioneer.com Area students are learning about the importance of making smart financial decisions during April, which is National Financial Literacy Month. Representatives from Town and Country Credit Union, which has a branch in West Fargo, visit local schools to explain the complicated world of finances. The credit union uses Banzai financial literacy software to get students to better understand their financial choices. [...]

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Polk learns lessons during Financial Literacy Month

Originally posted on theledger.com WINTER HAVEN — A current monthlong initiative is designed to combat the notion that many Americans’ eyes glaze over when they hear financial terms such as “risk diversification” and “interest compounding.” April is Financial Literacy Month in the United States, and several Polk organizations have committed to helping the uninitiated understand how money works. Banzai, a financial literacy software program, has [...]

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