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Rollstone Bank & Trust unveils online financial education resources

Originally posted on Rollstone Bank & Trust has unveiled a new free service through its website designed to educate customers and the general public on the basics of financial literacy — from managing a checking or savings account to how to save for retirement — in an effort to contribute to the financial wellness of the greater Massachusetts community. “A bi-annual study of high [...]

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Armco Credit Union to Offer Financial Literacy Program to Local Students

Originally posted on Armco Credit Union is offering a financial literacy program to local high school students. The web-based program is called Banzai and is available for free to any local high school teacher interested in covering topics such as budgeting, using credit wisely, and developing saving habits. The Banzai program allows students to enter a virtual world of decision making that includes scenarios [...]

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First Source, VVS team up to help students understand basic finances

Originally posted on VERONA — First Source Federal Credit Union and Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Middle School have teamed up to help students gain a better understanding of basic finances, through a Banzai Financial Education program sponsored by First Source, said the VVS district. Prior to using Banzai, middle school Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Elissa Widomski had been playing an educational finance game with students to make [...]

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First United Bank makes award-winning financial literacy program free for local classrooms

Originally posted on Local students will be getting a free education on how to manage their money. First United Bank is working with Banzai, a national award-winning financial literacy program, to make their curriculum available to 31 Texas schools completely free. "Banzai is a web-based financial literacy program. Kids get their own accounts, and they work through assignments that are based on real life," Morgan [...]

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Bonneville Bank works to provide financial literacy course to kids

Originally posted on   Bonneville Bank announced Tuesday it is working with Banzai, a national award-winning financial literacy program based in Provo to make Banzai’s curriculum available to seven Utah County schools for free, according to a press release. Banzai is an interactive, online program supplemented by printed workbooks which aligns with state curriculum requirements for personal finance education, the press release states. According [...]

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Interactive literacy program starting central Illinois students young, helping budget

Originally posted on   More than 60 schools throughout central Illinois are using an interactive program that’s starting students young and helping them budget called Banzai! “It prepares them for the future and the choices that they’ll have to make with their own money,” said Holly Cox, Assistant Principal at Sugar Creek Elementary School. “This is great for students, for their future, it’s great [...]

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Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union Makes Financial Literacy Program Free For Classrooms

Originally posted on Local students are getting a free education in how to manage their money. Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union is working with Banzai, a national award-winning financial literacy program, to make the curriculum available to six schools in the Chattanooga area free. "Banzai is a web-based financial literacy program," said Morgan Vandagriff, co-founder of Banzai. "Kids have their own bank accounts, and [...]

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Security First Bank is Recognized for Fostering Financial Literacy in Nebraska and South Dakota Communities Through Online Courses and Hands-On Programs

Originally posted on Courses and Articles Make Financial Knowledge Accessible Security First Bank had been looking for the right online learning service to enhance its educational efforts when it found Banzai at the Financial Brand Forum. In January 2019, the bank announced its partnership with the award-winning, web-based financial literacy program.   “We liked their approach and their underlying philosophy. It was also priced in a way that [...]

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